$1.99 in the App Store
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$0.99 in the App Store
$1.99 in the App Store
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Bob the Bubble is available on the App store!
Fun action packed, the game takes only a minute or two to learn but hours of practice to master.

Score by collecting blue bubbles, all the while dodging the dangerous red bubbles and occasional bombs.

See the trailer:

We are a Finnish software company with a passion for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and now also the iPad, and the unique possibilities these devices offer.
Many people ask why the company name "Fifty Sixty Software?" What does it mean? The story behind the name is a phrase from the once great Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen when pondering about his chances: "the chances are fifty-sixty." We take this to mean a win-win situation as we get to work on doing things we love, and we believe the people who buy our software get a great experience.

Our goal is to make applications and games that are fun and serve a purpose. We believe that high quality is more important than the quantity of applications, and we will work hard to deliver software that is fun to use and works seamlessly from the start.